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CONNECT: Collaboration

The HorizonPath Project


We value your support, feedback, suggestions, ideas, knowledge and cooperation. We are committed to mapping collaboration and spreading awareness. But the intention involves you.

"HorizonPath is not about one person, one idea, or one company. This is not about me. Like many, I do have the awareness to perceive the energy flow in the context of business and trust it with my heart. And my purpose is to spread conscious business awareness and help the world as much as possible in my part. This will happen. But HorizonPath is about connection. It's about bringing people and best practices together for the common good. There are professionals out there who certainly understand more than myself. I couldn't do this by myself even if I wanted to. This is a team endeavor." - Rusty Elrod, HorizonPath President.

The foundation for HorizonPath is laid and the structure is developing. Many ideas, tools, and workshops are already in place. The challenge is to inspire contributors to integrate their wisdom into the HorizonPath system, and collaborate together. This is where the real benefit comes from. We welcome information, and will review and integrate as applicable. But the continuous improvement will move slower than we like unless we collaborate on integration directly. This is where new inspirations are born.

The system belongs to no one, it only exists here under the name of The HorizonPath Project for identity. HorizonPath is a collection of knowledge, best practices, proven strategies, and theories to test. Each contributor is given credit where applicable. It is the intention that we will merge our ideals into a common, detail-based system designed for users to implement, sustain momentum, and grow people, planet, and profit.





The HorizonPath Vision
How Sustainable Conscious Business Collaboration Could Work

It's really pretty simple, but we need to increase our awareness and open our minds. Essentially, we are applying universal laws to conscious business, expanding on what does work, and releasing what does not work any longer. For example, knowledge and value are given and received between collaborators in order to increase the circular flow and momentum of prosperity. This is not a traditional "free enterprise" system. This model favors collaboration over competition because it connects us rather than separates us. It favors nurturing tactics over guerilla tactics. It favors open-source information over propietary information. It does not sacrifice profitability or individualized expression.

These ideals are significantly different from the traditional self-propelling motives and crisis sustaining business models of the past century. There are more significant long term wealth opportunities by creating needed products and services through collaboration than there are wealth opportunities through competition. Why? The demand in the world far exceeds the supply, but we have missed opportunities to create direct solutions to our needs due to the isolated thinking associated with competition. Competition has done its job too long. We have been destructive to our world.. mostly unintentionally. Competition is designed to separate our selves from the world. We are now working to recover and nurture our planet and well-being. Collaboration can increase wealth and prosperity, but not at the expense of others; rather for the benefit of all.

This is the HorizonPath conscious business sustainable vision in it's infancy. But it's still a big agenda. These are only a few ideas for collaborations that can move multiple directions involving information, value sharing, profit sharing, investments, and commerce. Cash flows with better intentions.



Sustainable Collaboration Model

* Not shown: interactions internally, with communities, suppliers, consumers/clients, and charities


HorizonPath Sustainable Collaboration System - By openly and sincerely engaging each other by giving and receiving knowledge, products, services, profit sharing, and communication; we create a sustainable energy flow with each other that also carries with it higher intentions globally. This action and intention facilitates the circular flow of giving and receiving by relating resources. Abundance expresses materially, but what is circulating is consciousness.







If you are a resource provider and wish to collaborate with HorizonPath, please contact us. We are open to new ideas, useful transferrable content, and business partners.

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