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Conscious Professional

Education and Tools for All Professionals


The principles within The HorizonPath Project apply to individuals just as they do to companies and industries. In fact, they are the same but only in a different context and perspective. While participation and initiatives at the company and industry level can make a big difference, one can certainly benefit their own career even if the company is not participating. In fact, you may be able to initiate conscious business into your company through your growth and initiatives. You will be an example that gets noticed in being a conscious professional.

Many professionals find themselves with the passion to nurture their purpose in their careers. We are in an age where people are being called to their purpose with a yearning from inside of them. This is actually the most natural state of our career instinct. You do not need to start over to start new. If you find yourself discouraged by your work environment, do not blame the company for the lack of participation that you may wish was there. Make every effort to help them by being the best that you can be and living by your own example. By applying conscious business awareness to your career, you will inevitably move towards that which is where you need to be to discover and fulfill your purpose. The path is more important than searching for your destination.

Perhaps you are self-employed and want to fine tune your career development. Whatever your career place is, you will find the education and tools to help advance your career within The HorizonPath Project.

The HorizonPath Project is effective for use by every professional, regardless of your profession or responsibilities. Contact HorizonPath to find out how we can help you further your career.

Examples of a Professionals focus include:

  • Creating intentions
  • Making connections
  • Affecting your environment
  • Attracting the tools and resources you need
  • Conscious Business Awareness
  • Networking beyond your daily environment
  • Your Creativity
  • Learning and Sharing Knowledge
  • Establishing Your Reputation

Other topics for individuals include:

  • Opening your Mind, Heart, and Will
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Seeing the Details
  • Analysis and Discovery
  • Planning and Configuring Yourself
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Organization
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Prioritizing
  • Learning to Evolve
  • Learning to Handle Stress
  • Learning to Handle Difficult People
  • Learning to Control Your Emotions
  • and much more...

Working with professionals directly can be done online, by email, by phone, or in person when feasible. We customize to your needs. We may also work with partner organizations. The choice is yours to nurture your career. You do not have to wait for your company to do it for you. You can make a difference in your career. Ask us how.






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