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Articles for Collaborative Discussion


Select articles that touch on various subjects related to Conscious Business may be found here. Comments and questions are welcome! Collaboration is why we are here. (Email)

These articles are free for online distribution as long as they are kept in their entirety with authorship and reference links intact.

Submit your own related article for review to be included. (Email) If selected, it must be free to distribute in its entirety. Authorship and links will remain intact. Articles may also be used as references within The HorizonPath Project.



Conscious Business: Corporate Management
by Russell Elrod - Jan 8, 2012

"It is the manager’s job to be the cohesive glue that inspires the best potential in everyone to nurture, rather than forcing everyone to comply with what they think is best. This enables an employee to continuously improve the performance of themselves, thus the performance of the whole company, and ultimately of the company to the planet."

Conscious Business: Financial Management
by Russell Elrod - Feb 5, 2012

"All financial decisions affect the company’s bottom line, affect the people that are connected to the decision, and affect the environment in which the decision is made. In fact, through all of our interconnections, all financial decisions affect everybody and the entire planet to some degree."

Conscious Business: Human Resources
by Russell Elrod - Feb 19, 2012

"In Conscious Business today, the Department of Human Resources is about nurturing the passion and potential in employees with conscious awareness of how human energy moves through a company."

Conscious Professional: Communication
by Russell Elrod - Feb 26, 2012

"When we take the personal emotional charge out of a situation, we release our ego-centric tendency to see communication strictly from our point of view."









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