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About HorizonPath Corporation

HorizonPath Expands Conscious Business Awareness into Process and Action

Friends and Colleagues,

Our world is evolving at a speed greater than we ever imagined. Before us is our greatest potential and our greatest risk. It is a time to open our minds, hearts, and wills to develop better ideas and practices for each other.

The instability of world economics, politics, natural resources, communities, families, and intentions will naturally seek balance. Your personal choice is to surf the wave towards prosperity or succumb to the undercurrent towards destruction. You are not alone with either choice. As rapidly as many things are deteriorating, there is a surge of nurturing that is replacing them.

We are evolving towards stability, sustainability, cooperation, collaboration, unity, love, joy, and inspiration in business. Business simply runs better in this environment. Fear and selfish tactics have proven to cause conflicts with business prosperity. But change is never easy. Transformation takes time, commitment, and action from everyone. It takes more than words. Not only are business organizations and processes adapting, but also are the fundamental thoughts and feelings about what business is really about.

I started The HorizonPath Project to hold a positive space, set an intention, and fill it with inspiration, knowledge, and motivation. It is my passion to collaborate with others and to help business and companies prosper. The secret to success is no secret at all. It is working together towards the common cause of global prosperity and sustainability; which also within helps each individual company involved to succeed as a part of our oneness.


Russell Elrod
President, HorizonPath Corp.


HorizonPath was founded in January 2011 by Russell Elrod, or "Rusty". To understand how HorizonPath came to be, one must understand how it came to Rusty. Professionally, he experienced four very different careers over two decades, each with it's own set of unique drivers and challenges. "I never expect any job to be perfect," say Rusty, "but I always see opportunities to make it better." For him, each had its passions and motivators; and each had its blocks and obstacles. But everything was necessary to reach the point of HorizonPath's conception.

"Experience is learning how things interact and why they happen the way they do." Rusty says. "The peace for me is knowing that the Universe can create what I imagine into it. Sure I make mistakes, but I learn to recognize and release them. I experience love and joy, and I learn to expand them. This enhances life. Business just reflects life."

Professionally, Rusty always enjoys giving ideas life and direction and building better knowledge and process systems. His diversity of experience and skills create well-rounded capabilities for business. Personally, Rusty always found metaphysics, science, and spirituality most interesting to study and experience. The seed for HorizonPath was planted in 2010, when he realized that his passion was business metaphysics.

"Why I didn't see this earlier could only be that I wasn't ready to make the business connection myself. Everything makes sense with awareness. The flow of energy in life has been recognized for thousands of years all over the world. Previously, many of these concepts were placed primarily in the realm of belief systems. Science is now starting to explain what many have known for lifetimes on faith. Most simply stated, there is creative energy flow and destructive energy flow, and its what you feel, think, and do that influence your outcome. All energy is connected, so our interactions affect each other. Energy vibrates and moves with purpose and intelligence. Things happen for a reason. We still require expert business processes and objectives, but when business awareness increases, we make better decisions."

All business concepts like green business, corporate social responsibility, sustainable business, and triple bottom line, are all examples of conscious business principles in practice. HorizonPath is committed to expanding the awareness that helps companies be consciously sustainable and prosperous.

Rusty comments, "When you combine the recent 'social' business motivators with lean and efficient business practices and drive it all with good intentions and increasing awareness, you create a very powerful thing! To me, conscious business is the awareness that a business is a living thing in that it lives from the very dynamic energy flow that passes through its people, its assets, its resources, its intentions, its programs, its life cycles, etc. If we nurture, we are nurtured. If we give, we will receive. If we support the world, we are supported. When engaged in the positive flow of life, we receive the prosperity to increase momentum."


The CURRENT OPERATION of HorizonPath is direct to business. The strategy and action plan is determined based on the current state and priorities of your company.

The CURRENT PLANNING and FUTURE INTENT of HorizonPath is to grow a subscription web resource and tool that takes a life of its own, helps members throughout the world to unify and make conscious business easier to achieve. It will expand functionality, content, and benefit as it grows. HorizonPath will always be easy to access and use in order to maximize effectiveness.


by Rusty Elrod

Welcome Audio - from Russell Elrod, HorizonPath Corp

"It hit me one day, like inspirations do, that my purpose in career is to help others improve the health of their living companies. It is natural for me to see business alive. But I am always amazed at how much it expresses as a living thing.

Passing my initial apprehensions to start a company, I realized that ALL of my past experiences, responsibilities, training, and tasks had built a solid foundation for the diverse perspectives, perceptions, organization, and skills that I need to make HorizonPath work. It was the most natural thing that I could do. So I am following my guidance to make The HorizonPath Project as beneficial to all as it has been for me.

I do not claim to be the "expert" in all the topics covered here, for if I ever felt that I was then I would no longer be in my Higher Self. I believe that we should all remain students of learning and open to experience as long as we live.

I do, however, commit to the confidence in my ability to help others through The HorizonPath Project."



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