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Welcome to The HorizonPath Project!


The HorizonPath Project is a Conscious Business Culture Awareness program that develops and nurtures companies, leaders, teams, and employees to their highest potential by integrating valuable source-level business insights with daily integrated content in context to specific needs, teams, and responsibilities. Starting deliverables include business-culture related current-state analyses, identification of blind spots, future-state planning, integration of daily practices, leadership development, business awareness workshops, and progress measurement at all stakeholder levels. The HorizonPath Project aims to relieve problem effects at their source level causes; and open the positive causal channels where opportunities flourish.

What is Conscious Business Awareness? Conscious Business Awareness is the recognition and nurturing of business-context expressions that affect the group culture of business organizations.

Business Cultures are essentially very dynamic living organizations. The living consciousness of an organization is the collective and predominant thoughts, feelings, and actions of all its stakeholders; which include management, employees, customers, partners, investors, communities, and more. Any organizational group can be observed as a single entity that reveals its own personality, behavior, attitudes, values, motivations, and habits. A collective group essence is as dynamic, complex, and evolving as that of any individual person because it is a living culture. This business culture can face all the same emotional challenges that an individual can face. It is only the context that is different. However, although business life is ever-present, our group self awareness of it is too often the organization's blind spot. When our individual awareness correlates with our cultural awareness, we make better cause-effect decisions. Stakeholders influence business cultures and business cultures influence stakeholders. When embraced, Conscious Business Awareness presents incredible opportunities for organizational self-improvement.

The HorizonPath Project begins by recognizing the nine source categories of business expression that actually drive the development and operation of technology, management, logistics, innovation, marketing, operations, distribution, and other more common areas of focus. These nine expressions change only in context with individuals, teams, departments, and divisions. The key is the awareness that every single business expression, at any level, either positively or negatively influences itself and its expression category both up and down the organizational structure. For example, a department's group thoughts, feelings, and actions towards learning and sharing knowledge affect both the teams' members inwardly and the business organization outwardly with its positive or negative influence. A company's attitude towards knowledge sharing affects a team member's attitude towards knowledge sharing, and vice-versa.

Also key, is the awareness that every action in business, regardless of context, can and should include all nine business expression categories in order to obtain highest potential. For example, a decision to partner with a supplier should consider shared missions, collaborative abilities, mutual work environments, shared values, connected business awareness, shared networking opportunities, creative similarities, knowledge sharing, and like reputations. Synergy is the synchronous resonance between neighboring relationships that reinforce the relationships to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Collectively, this group of nine source-level expressions influence every action in business, regardless of scale or context. The Nine Expressions of Business structure is but only one tool within a system. The HorizonPath Project toolbox aims to provide the intention, awareness, initiatives, framework, and progress data that enables achieving highest potentials to be sustainable.


The Nine Expressions of Conscious Business Awareness Structure

The singular descriptive context of the nine expressions of business can be found below. (A more detailed graphic showing relational contexts to groups can be found here.) Every business expression category holds numerous opportunities for initiatives that improve the category itself. However, it is balance amongst all nine categories with nurturing inputs and outputs, and interactive synergy between smaller and larger connected groups, that truly generate continuous improvement value for total systems!



An organization is the sum and predominance of its shareholders. Any organization as a living thing can have thoughts and feelings of love, gratitude, hope, passion, joyful expectation, peace, and happiness. And as such, any organization can experience good health, good fortune, good relationships, prosperity, and have a good reputation. However, any organization can also experience the risks and consequences of selfishness, ignorance, worry, doubt, blame, anger, revenge, hate, and fear. An organization can learn, adapt, change, and thrive by its challenges. An organization can also repeat a pattern of actions that inevitably keep producing the same undesirable results. We can choose to look deep within ourselves and accept the responsibility for self-improvement, or we can blame everyone but ourselves for our problems. The biggest challenge may seem like it is not knowing what to do; but it is actually having the courage to suspend judgements by keeping an open mind that we don't know everything already, to suspend distrust by keeping an open heart to let people with opportunities in, and to suspend the fear of being judged, distrusted, and ignored when we do. Sometimes the greatest injustice we can do to ourselves is to do nothing, to put off for another day, to just hope things will change, or to believe there is nothing we can do.

It is important to remember that companies are not machines. Yes, they have important and necessary components and assets, but they are driven by thoughts, feelings, and actions. No amount of planning solely on logistics, technology, operations, or policies and procedures can override the implications of business culture, diversity, and interactions.

Business is the shared life giving blood of an organization's culture. It can heal. It can harm. Most often, it does both. Companies thrive and suffer in waves. Metaphorically speaking, to sink, swim, or surf is a choice. An organization can choose to focus on the symptoms of business problems for short-term relief, thus repeating destructive cycles; or cure the sources of business problems to create long-term sustainable growth and health. Through Conscious Business Awareness, organizations are becoming increasingly more self-aware, self-improving, healthy, and valuable to the world.

The HorizonPath Corporation is part of a globally expanding business purpose to integrate the awareness of organizations as individually expressive and living cultures. Increasing business health through conscious business awareness is a relatively new and exciting field of business development. HorizonPath Corp was established in 2011 and is being developed by Rusty Elrod, who shares a passion for contributing to conscious business thought and collaborating with companies to evolve a better business future.


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The HorizonPath Project is an invitation to collectively explore... why Conscious Business is by nature the most effective way to do business... how to create abundance as a conscious aware company... when to put best practices into action... and what to expect as a result. The HorizonPath Project:

  1. Identifies and measures the intangible influences within your company and how they are impacting you specifically, positively, and negatively.

  2. Increases Conscious Business Awareness with interactive training workshops, practices, reference libraries, new initiatives, and personal business interaction.

  3. Inspires professionals to pursue their fullest potential and collaborate together as a unified company.

  4. Enables the capacity to increase the positive influences and release the negative influences that affect company health and performance from the root level.

  5. Can train a core collaboration team to be the intention that creates, facilitates, and maintains Conscious Business initiatives throughout a company or organization.


The HorizonPath Project Tools

Through Conscious Business Awareness, companies are developing more effective methods to replace financially consuming conflicts with sustainably productive collaborations. Many of the same self-awareness and self-improvement practices that work for individuals will work for group entities, but they must be applied to the context of business and for groups. The challenge to begin is the same as it is for individuals. It is because these topics are often hidden in our blind spots and behind egos. An organization has to be willing to look deeply and lovingly at itself, seek truth, have trust, and act with courage. To have the greatest chance for success, the top decision makers must buy-in to the task. As with individuals, it is often trauma that forces the personal will to seek new inspiration and look within and act. It is a wise company indeed that pro-actively seeks conscious business awareness of itself and embraces positive growth for all stakeholders.

The HorizonPath Project is developed around some key original Conscious Business concepts developed by Rusty Elrod, the creator of this project. However, with much respect and gratitude, there are also many valuable ideas and tools that are noted by other sources as well. The collective knowledge within The HorizonPath Project comes from a wide variety of sources contributing a diverse array of Conscious Business tools and methods that cover all areas of business. This is the collaborative spirit of most Conscious Business Awareness professionals that want to see the greater good for mankind develop through business with an emphasis on sustainable collaboration rather than competition.

Every tool used within The HorizonPath Project fulfills a unique piece of a puzzle designed to show us a better way to do business. Whether as process tools, measurement tools, training tools, or perspective tools; each has a unique purpose and intention worthy of recognition by itself. But together they support each other as a unified system, which here is called...

The HorizonPath Project.


We look deeply into The Three Fundamental Factors Of Creation that determine all potential outcomes: Purpose (Why), Knowledge (How), and Action (When). Together, we increase awareness in how our business intentions and interactions are connected. We continually unlock the cause and effect relationships between energy groups, from individuals to teams to companies to networks to the collective world. We look at the Higher-Self and Lower-Self contributing factors, and how they influence purpose, knowledge, action, and outcome at different levels.

We look deeply into the Nine Expressions of Business that together create the overall health and presence of individuals, teams, companies, networks, and the collective whole. Nine unique areas of expression, or attention, represent the nine areas of business energy flow that are inclusive to every organization. These are: Feeling and Vision (Intention), Internal Human Relations (Team Collaboration), Environment and Heritage (History), Asset Acquisition and Management (Wealth), Conscious Business Awareness (Source Awareness), External Human Relations (Networking), Contributions and Products (Creativity), Knowledge Management (Wisdom), and Presence (Reputation, Recognition). These expressions interact and amplify each other. Exploration into each segment also helps identify any unhealthy current-state blocks and unlocks the paths that heal them. It is also an effective tool for sensing and creating a healthy-balanced future potential. The mission is to facilitate a balanced and prosperous system that flows in harmony.

We take a deep discovery into Theory-U and Presencing, as developed by The Presencing Institute. Presencing is a process for unlocking business awareness and productivity at every stage of development. Five steps as one process to produce the highest potential outcome from every situation. It is used at every stage of unlocking business awareness. These are Co-Initiating, Co-Sensing, Presencing, Co-Creating, and Co-Evolving. Presencing teaches us to listen and observe clearly. It helps to open our minds, our hearts, and our wills to the path of Higher purpose that we are a part of. Presencing combines inspiration with the most efficient action that allows the greatest potential to evolve. Also included is the breathing process of company functions from source to process to product.

Throughout The HorizonPath Project, we follow a path of business awareness principles represented as The Seven Stages of Conscious Business Awareness. We use these as guides and perspective points for developing and understanding that which is necessary to achieve total business health. For an organization to become a conscious business, it must pursue these seven stages of business awareness. They may be represented in other ways by different sources, but the principles are universal and essential.


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These are all examples of conscious business awareness methods that can be intertwined together for a single purpose: to increase the value of business to the world. This is to say that the value is measured in positive impact with sustainable actions.

Everyone contributes to the health of a conscious business, and everyone benefits from it. One person or group cannot heal an entire company on behalf of that company, because only everyone working together can release the multitude of habits and behaviors that are required for businesses to heal and prosper. Inspired collaboration is the only way the roots of transformation change will take a deep hold within a company.

As deep business issues are explored, we simultaneously integrate related action topics such as Leadership Development, Sustainable Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Triple Bottom Line, and more. All of these are tools of Conscious Business.


The HorizonPath Project is a continuous improvement project, as it should always be. We understand the human resistance to change. However, business is longing to evolve in order to survive. As a company, we are here to make a positive difference on business. We are eager to see a critical mass of companies evolve into this more natural state of being. Fundamental transformations don't happen overnight. They must however, begin... and maintain momentum. This choice is ultimately yours! We hope you will join us.

Conscious Business: A Deeper Look



By Rusty Elrod

The HorizonPath Project was initiated by me in 2011 as an answer to a call for my authentic and sincere contributions. It has been a placeholder for my thoughts and intentions toward developing a new kind of business awareness system for companies. It is a co-creation from which I do not take all credit. I dare not plan its life, but I will make every attempt to nurture and let it unfold. It is with confidence that I know the information is valuable, and that is greatly needed in corporate industry today and for our future. It has a purpose that also needs you.

I am seeking like-minded friends to team up with on the intention of improving business health in the world. Maybe I help you, maybe you help me, but preferably we help each other. The HorizonPath Project is part of a larger movement that is happening in corporate industry, of which there are many paths. We accomplish more by working together. If you are a contributor in this field, a company that wants to thrive, or a professional who wishes to learn, please contact me. I am open to all communication.

- Rusty

I am still writing a book on the metaphysics of business and progress is moving forward. Thank you for the encouragement!






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